• Branding
    • After a meeting and a creative plan, we are going to establish the main lines of your project, the intentions and the values. The branding represents everything linked to the graphics of your project : typographies, colors, editing, titling, etc. What makes your project unique.
  • Print
    • Poster, flyers, pamphlets, banners, roll-ups, business cards, merchandising… I master the rules and details linked to printing and sending the files.
  • Socials Medias
    • Like every young and dynamic person, knowledge of the socials medias is an essential part of my work. It concerns Facebook, Instagram, the use of Canvas or any others communication tools linked to the web.
  • Logotype
    • Nobody wants their logo to look like someone else’s, or coming from a generic production. To achieve this goal, it is mandatory to understand the real meaning under the brand and its client – let’s keep in mind : less is more!
  • Illustration
    • Trough my academical formation and my constant passion for drawing, I’ve mastered my illustrations skills. It allows me to answer a much wider demand, than just what fell under the « graphic » term.
  • Academical Drawing
    • In the same idea of the illustrative side, my drawings skills allow me to make quickly a lot of drafts and sketches, and with them, setting with the client the right direction to explore.
  • Front End
    • Web programming is also in my toolbox. It could be via WordPress, Square Space or Wix, or even from scratch. I’ve have the knowledge to mix usefulness and design for a nice web site. The website you are currently on is an example.
  • Audiovisual
    • After three years in VFX, and having directed animation short movies or promotional videos, editing and motion design are familiar to me.
  • UI/UX
    • If you’d like to see how your project would be on an app of a web page, it’s also possible. From original idea and low wire-framing to high fidelity wire-framing, you’re app idea will blend within current trends.
  • Good Relation
    • Because this is mandatory for any professional relation, respect and integrity before everything.


  1. Let’s have a little chat
    1. First of all, we have to met, either in person or via any virtual call. We need to discuss your ideas & project, and what values, intentions and mission you’d like to convey through the imagery we’re gonna create together. This will tell us as well if we’re meant to connect on a human basis, and adjust our ways of thinking and working.
  2. Moodboard
    1. Once the general ideas and the tones are set, it’s important to be sure we’ll go in the same direction for the artistic side. It always starts with a mood board, preferably from both side, of what we like as images, intentions, what we would seek to achieve as a final render and what quality we’d like to pursue.
  3. First Sketches
    1. Thanks to my drawing skills, I can easily and quickly put down a lot of ideas from the mood board, our meeting, and my inner creativity. I like to offer a lot of drafts and sketches in order to explore a lot of different avenues. With that, you’ll be able to expand your first vision of the project and we’ll make sure to pick what we think we’ll suit the best.
  4. Iterations Process
    1. From here starts an iteration process where each picked ideas is pushed further and further to see what we can achieve following each path. By doing so and making choices, we’ll narrow down to what we’ll be the best idea to convey our project and intention. This really brings you in the making creative process of your own project.
  5. Finalisation
    1. Now we go from the chosen idea to the professional world by giving it all the design, characteristics and esthetic that requires the nowadays graphic world. When creativity is well combined with business purposes, we know we did good together.


All the prices are (and will be) adjustable regarding the details of your project and needs. This array only gives an idea.

  • Logotype 600$
    • Let’s create together the logotype of your new project, or update your current. From draft ideas to final product, including black & white logo, colored logo, and .jpg, .png & .svg format.
  • Brand 2000$
    • Includes the Logotype, but pushed a step further with a choice of topographies, examples of composition, graphic elements if needed, and a graphic bible for your company.
  • Poster 700$
    • You want to advertise your new project you are working on? We are the right place for conveying your intentions through unique graphic style, and be sure to be noticed.
  • By the hour 80$
    • In case non of the above fit your needs or we go for a longer project.


  • Marc Sakalauskas
    • Unlock The Funk
  • Sandrine Lambin-Gagnon
    • Dig Tha’ Feet
  • Randy Panté
    • BarrelHouse Club
  • Adam Mongrain
    • 567Oui
  • Catherine Desjardins
    • Business Card
  • « Raphael helped for our annual dance event. He was very patient and understanding of our needs and worked well with us to get to a final product we were all very pleased with. He’s excellent at what he does and would recommend him in a hearbeat! »
  • « I’m working woth Raphaël for three years now, and I’ve always been satisfied of his work. He can offer a wide range of sketches that have overcome my expections all the time. He is very present for the client, is very open-minded as well asvery patient – when it’s time to adjust the final product…Well I definitely recommand him »
  • « I would highly recommend Raphael to anyone in need of fast and great service!I am one of those types of people who want everything now, and Raphael was able to work with me and exceed expectations. He carefully evaluated our needs in a very stress-free and professional manner and continually gave better design decisions that I could ever envision. »
  • « Nous avons collaboré avec Raphaël pour élaborer une image de marque à la hauteur de nos ambitions. Sa disponibilité, sa générosité et sa patience nous ont permis de travailler avec confiance, et nous sommes très satisfaits de son professionnalisme. Nous le recommandons sans hésitations à quiconque est à la recherche d’un réel partenaire. »
  • « Travailler avec Raphael est un grand bonheur. Il est à l’écoute, tellement créatif, efficace et talentueux. Il a une facilité à bien comprendre les besoins de son client. J’ai été impressionnée de voir à quel point ses propositions me ressemblaient. Il prend le temps de retravailler jusqu’au derniers petits détails. Je le recommande vivement! »